Application Development


A Call centre books Appointments for sales/service Executives in Remote cities. The Schedule, the navigation map and forms to be filled are sent by email to Sales/Services executives who has pocket PC. With the help of Navigation aids, they reach the place. They Fill the forms and send it back by email to parent company, which processes the data and sends report by POST to concerned clients. By optimizing the distance between consecutive visits, one can fix more appointments to personals.


Track your object/ all objects on mobile in relative to your present co-ordinates.

This system is primarily developed to assist a PERSON to track the “OBJECT/ANIMAL” using a CELLPHONE. The PERSON and the OBJECT/ANIMAL will have the GPS module. Whenever the PERSON needs to track an OBJECT/ANIMAL He can activate a TRACK command from the cell phone via SMS. When the OBJECT/ANIMAL receives the TRACK command thru SMS, it connects to the GPRS network. Then it sends the LOCATION to the WEB SERVER thru the GPRS NETWORK periodically. In the same way the PERSON with the cell phone [Blue tooth enabled] will send his LOCATION to the web server periodically. Now, the cell phone will display the map, which includes the PERSON’S location and OBJECT/ANIMAL’s location. The MAP will be updated periodically according to the settings.

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Authorize personals for remote log-on using PERSONAL SIM on the USB-KEY. No device driver needed. Works with any OS. Can be used as storage disk also.

Fibre Optics

Send Synchronous clock source 10Mhz over 400 mts using SMF.