Track on Mobile PDF Format

This system is primarily developed to assist a PERSON to track the “OBJECT/ANIMAL” using a CELLPHONE. The PERSON and the OBJECT/ANIMAL will have the GPS module. Whenever the PERSON needs to track an OBJECT/ANIMAL He can activate a TRACK command from the cell phone via SMS. When the OBJECT/ANIMAL receives the TRACK command thru SMS, it connects to the GPRS network. Then it sends the LOCATION to the WEB SERVER thru the GPRS NETWORK periodically. In the same way the PERSON with the cell phone [Blue tooth enabled] will send his LOCATION to the web server periodically. Now, the cell phone will display the map, which includes the PERSON’S location and OBJECT/ANIMAL’s location. The MAP will be updated periodically according to the settings.

Product Implementation

To implement the application for a wide range of cell phone we plan to distribute it in the following manner

CASE I: For the PERSON’S having cell phone without Symbian Os and Blue tooth/GPS, the PERSON can only view the map of OBJECT/ANIMAL where it is located.

CASE II: For the PERSON’S having cell phone with Symbian Os and Blue tooth/GPS, the PERSON can view the map of both the locations PERSON and OBJECT/ANIMAL.

BASIC REQUIREMENTS FOR CELLPHONE FOR CASE I : Authorize personals for remote log-on using PERSONAL SIM on the USB-KEY. No device driver needed. Works with any OS. Can be used as storage disk also.



Overall Design

In order to make this application to be best suited in wide range of cell phones we interlink web server to this OBJECT/ANIMAL TRACKING system. This server will perform the entire operation like Tracking the object, PERSON'S settings etc. By this method we can have

  • Complete security over data and map for each PERSON.
  • Control over each PERSON.

Let's describe with the following diagram.

In the above diagram where you can trace an object/pet in just easy FOUR steps.

STEP 1 – Authorisation of PERSON to access the web server.
STEP 2 – A TRACK command is triggered to the find the object/pet BY SMS.
STEP 3 – Transmit the position of the PERSON to the web server through an application Installed on the Symbian Os Cell phone.
STEP 4 – PERSON can view map with positions marked along with the support of GIS server.
The above operations are clearly discussed in the following paragraphs.

AUTHENTICATION – Check for authentications whether the authorized person has currently logged in, the server verifies and allows access to the web server.

TRACK – Whenever the PERSON needs to track an OBJECT/ANIMAL. An SMS is sent from the web server through SMS gateway with TRACK command. The OBJECT/ANIMAL whenever receives the TRACK command, it starts transmitting the position (lat/long) to the web server.

ACTIVATE – The application installed on the Symbian Os cellphone sends the PERSON’s position (lat/long) to the web server with the help of the Bluetooth GPS along with the cell phone.

VIEW MAP – A map is displayed with the PERSON and OBJECT/ANIMAL position and refreshed periodically.